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This Mini-Survey seeks your opinion on homeland security. Are government efforts to strengthen national security sufficient to discourage further acts of terrorism.

1. Mexican Trucking
Although Mexico is a party to the North American Free Trade Agreement, it has done little or nothing to raise its trucking standards. The trucks they wish to send onto American highways are seldom inspected and driven by unlicensed drivers. They are routinely overloaded and often carry unlisted cargo, including illegal aliens and drugs.

Moreover, the United States has never put a sufficient number of inspectors on the border and, as a consequence, manage to inspect less than one (1%) percent of all trucks wishing to enter the U.S.

On December 5th, 2001, less than two months after the destruction of the World Trade Center, the Senate, urged by President Bush, lifted the ban on Mexican trucks, despite the potential for these uninspected trucks to cross our border carrying terrorists along with other contraband.

A coalition of immigration reform groups; auto insurance companies; and the Teamsters managed to stop this outrage. But, just recently, President Bush, without the consent of the Congress, has opened our borders to these overweight, uninsured, uninspected Mexican trucks driven by unlicensed drivers, hopped up on drugs.

Should U.S. Border Control work to reimpose the ban until we can inspect each and every one of these trucks which can and probably are filled with drugs, illegal aliens and even terrorists?

2. Troops on the border
It seems ridiculous that America has state National Guard units parading around our airports while our borders remain wide open. Our troops are protecting borders throughout the world. Why aren't our soliders serving where they are most needed — on our own borders?
Would you support legislation to allow our troops to assist the Border Patrol regain control of our borders?

3. Profiling
Contrary to popular opinion, profiling is not a racist activity, but is, in fact, a legitimate tool used by law enforcement agencies worldwide to quickly and efficiently focus on the most likely targets.

Right now, in politically correct America, our limited security personnel are not allowed to profile, that is, to focus on likely terrorists, such as middle eastern looking males between the ages of 17 and 40. Instead, they must spend an equal amount of time frisking 80-year-old women with their grandchildren and forcing millions of travelers to endure long lines to get on their flights.

Do you think profiling should be used by our security forces to ensure that those with the most likely profile get the most attention?

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