Hiding in the Shadows No More

Today’s illegal aliens aren’t hiding in the shadows. They’re activists, campaigning for candidates, illegally registering and voting elections; and taking over our universities, poisoning the minds of their classmates.

The Collegian ( California State Universty (CSU) at Fresno) newspaper recently reported what appears to be a blatant example of what is wrong both with our immigration policies and our universities, especially in California!

A student journalist, Michael Kincheloe, has shown the courage to be a great reporter. He told the truth about one of his classmates. Will he get a Pulitzer or get shunned by the media elites?


By Michael Kincheloe January 28, 2011

Associated Students, Inc. President Pedro Ramirez (an illegal alien) was once again the main topic of discussion at Wednesday’s ASI meeting. Ramirez revealed that he may resign from office if surgery is necessary for an eye injury that he received in a traffic accident on Jan. 9.

Formal reviews had been scheduled for the offices of Ramirez and Vice President of Finance Cesar Sanchez, but the actions were postponed by the student senate after the American Civil Liberties Union questioned the legality of the process.

With a number of media present, attendance was standing-room only. The public comment session occasionally became raucous, with Fresno State senior Neil O’Brien speaking first.

O’Brien has paperwork verifying that a Pedro Ramirez with the same birth date and address as the ASI president is registered to vote in Tulare County. “Illegally registering to vote is, I believe, a federal offense,” O’Brien said, “which I believe is a felony.”

Federal laws authorize the prosecution of non-citizens for registering and voting in elections. Aliens can be prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. § 1015(f), which criminalizes making a false statement or claim about citizenship “in order to register to vote or to vote in any Federal, State, or local election (including an initiative, recall, or referendum),” and under 18 U.S.C. § 911, which prohibits making a false claim of citizenship. The penalty can be a fine, imprisonment not more than five years or both.

Yes, this is what is happening today on our college campuses. Illegal aliens are getting into college; are getting preferential tuition rates in many states; and you, the dumb taxpayer, are subsidizing all of this nonsense, even though your own kids cannot afford to go to college!

Angry? I hope so because if America doesn’t wake up soon … it will be too late!

Want to do something about this?

Call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and ask them what they are doing about this. I.C.E.: 1(866)347-2423

Then call CSU-Fresno President, Dr. John Welty; let him know that he has been reported to I.C.E. for “aiding and abetting” an illegal alien, and that you hope he goes to jail for it. That number is 559.278.2324

Then you might want to call President Obama and tell him he really doesn’t have to keep worrying about those poor illegal aliens who are “hiding in the shadows.” They’re out and doing a lot better than many Americans, thanks to his insane immigration policies.


2 Responses to “Hiding in the Shadows No More”

  1. frank says:

    I agree with you 101% the ones that can do something about it don”ta they don’ta have to put up with the idots we do.The way they think the wetback is for every anchor baby the put out it is $100.00 plus food stamps, housing health care.Even the great welos and welitas get on the band wagon and get ssi and never put a penny into it.Well so much for our nice country pretty soon it will be another shithole like Mexico. EL DOGMAN

  2. Mary W. Epling says:

    It is a shame that no one is concerned about this country enough to rid us of the illegal aliens. The cost of these illegals is astronomical in comparison to what it would cost to send them all back to their countries. They come over here and receive all types of aid from our state and federal governments. They can go into any hospital or doctors office and not have to pay a dime. I DO NOT have health insurance, am a citizen of this country and CANNOT go to any hospital or doctor unless I pay full price for the service If I need a doctor, I cannot afford to go to one or even have the surgery I need so badly. This is a crying shame that our own country would treat their citizens this way. I am a nurse and worked for a family that (I did not know this info at the time)were illegals and were always going to the doctor for one or another reason. They had a “anchor baby” and that child got everything from the govt except for her diapers. Wow, it must be nice not to have to work and sit back and sleep all day like the mother did, while the nurse took care of her baby for 12 hours a day. When I found out this info I quit my homehealth job and refused to work in any home where the people were illegals. I just do not understand any of this!!! This woman’s boyfriend (also an illegal) worked “under the table) for an Italian restaurant while the woman just stayed home. I was in and out of quite a few of this family’s relatives (in my job) and they were all illegals also. The men of the families all worked in “under the table” jobs at local restaurants and several of the women worked at motels/hotels in the Williamsburg area, as housekeepers, getting paid “under the table”. How long is this country going to let this continue? If the USA wants to give away free health care, how about giving me some so that I can go and get my knee surgery that I so badly need????? Of course not!! The country will not do this. They will only keep on giving to these “illegals”. I, for one, am sick of this. Something needs to be done about this problem————–now!!!!! They are not “hiding in the shadows”—-because they KNOW that the country is not going to do anything about their being here illegally. They just want everyone to hear about how rough their trip was here from south of the border———-crossing with the coyote. Well, I for one, do not feel sorry for them. They need to be sent back to Mexico or whatever other country from which they came. Let the Americans have some of these jobs and some of this FREE health care. I continue to work as a nurse, as I have for the past 22 years, and never have I been able to obtain free anything!!! Enough is ENOUGH!!!

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