Has Dallas, Texas Got a Good Idea or What?


Recently, the City of Dallas, Texas passed an ordinance stating that if a driver is pulled over by law enforcement and is not able to provide proof of insurance, the car is towed.

To retrieve the car after being impounded, they must show proof of insurance to have the car released. This has made it easy for the City of Dallas to remove uninsured cars.

Shortly after the “No Insurance” ordinance was passed, the Dallas impound lots began to fill up and were full after only nine days. 80+ % of the impounded cars were driven by illegals.

Not only must they provide proof of insurance to have their car released, they have to pay for the cost of the tow, a $350 fine, and $20 for every day their car is kept in the lot.

Accident rates are going down and… Dallas’ solution gets uninsured drivers off the road WITHOUT making them show proof of nationality.

Wonder how the ACLU or the Justice Department will get around this one.

Just brings tears to my eyes.

GO Dallas!

Here’s a link to the Dallas City Hall webpage explaining the law.

Here’s a link to view the ordinance itself.

4 Responses to “Has Dallas, Texas Got a Good Idea or What?”

  1. We American Citizens have got to stand up for our rights and stand behind Arizona, Texas and any other state that is opposing illegal immigration. Our country is bleeding to death and it’s our right to stop the bleeding before it dies. God bless Dallas!

  2. As a former Dallasite of sixty odd years, This makes make me rat proud !!!!

  3. Yep , I think this law is fantastic here in Dallas ! I am sick of the illegal aliens taking advantage of every resource we have and draining them dry.I would become a minute man in a NewYork minute ! Who do I call ?
    Our spineless Government needs to get their shit together now or this great nation will become another Mexico in our Grand children’s…… children’s time.
    Unfortunately it’s all about the votes huh ?

    • Ed Nelson says:

      Shane — Don’t sugar coat it. Tell me how you really feel. Seriously, I think your comment is exactly how the vast majority of Americans are feeling right now.

      Thank you for your comment.

      FYI — We have filed an brief at the U.S. Supreme Court defending Arizona’s law and we intend to defend all states who are doing the job our federal government refuses to do — crack down on illegal immigration.

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