Report Illegal Employment

Help Keep U.S. Jobs! Report Employers who Hire Illegal Aliens

Believe it or not, reports are starting to come in from all over the country that ICE is suddenly interested in learning about employers who hire illegal aliens.

We are hearing that citizens who report employers who knowingly are hiring illegal aliens, are getting a good response.

The new number to call to report employers who are knowingly hiring quantities of illegal aliens is (toll free): 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423)

Apparently, after years of ignoring our calls it appears that the agency is putting on a new face, perhaps, for the new Congress. Whether this new initiative will be long-term or short-lived is anybody’s guess. But the time to make those calls is now.

How it works:

You are not required to provide your identity to ICE. All that is necessary to request an investigation by ICE is mere suspicion of employers hiring illegals. But any kind of documentation or eye witness to such activities only increases the odds that they will act. Both ICE and the IRS are especially interested in “visiting” those businesses that employ ILLEGALS “off the books” to avoid the payment of payroll taxes.

Small and large businesses are equally notorious in the hiring of ILLEGAL aliens to avoid paying fair wages to its workers and to criminally evade the collection and payment of payroll taxes. Whether the business hires one ILLEGAL alien or several hundred, ICE and IRS want to know about it.

We would appreciate it if you would let us know how helpful or unhelpful ICE has been in taking your information and following up on your complaint. And we will pass that information to Congressmen who are monitoring their activities.

Thank you!

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3 Responses to “Report Illegal Employment”

  1. I want to report a Company in Elmsford NY
    Name: Aqua-Turf, LLC
    4 warehouse lane
    Elmsford, NY 10523/ phone : (914)345-1350/ owners: Joseph Periorazio and Anthony Dilluvio
    with the knowledge of The owners in this company, they are hiring illegal aliens from Mexico and Ecuador that are using fake Social Security IDs…
    I want this to be confidential and do not wish to give my information.

  2. I would like to report an employer who has been hiring only illegals.
    The business name is Direct Import LLC and the employer name is Siraj Madraswala. The business is located at 8080 Harwin Dr, Suite A1, Houston TX.
    Please investigate this matter as this employer only hires illegals.

  3. John Duran says:

    i reported illegal work on USA,i reported to ICE, i reported to the embassy of Moscow, of a person working in prostitution, connected with a russian criminal organisation, and working on spying on sensitives technologies, never paying 1 cent for the taxes, with evidences, link on the web, all, name of the husband, all…. i never had any answer and …..
    It seems that usa feels confortable with russian citizen breaking the laws in the sates… we saw recently how it can turn….
    this person is still in the usa…all is great for this person until now

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